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The End Of Moore's Law? (Not Really)

By 2021, we won't be able to shrink transistors down any further. What does this mean for Moore's Law? See more »

Cars with Hidden Agendas, Part 2: Digital Detours

In part two of this two-part episode about the computerization of cars, Scott and Ben return as guest co-hosts to help Lauren and Joe figure out how some computerized cars of the future could serve purposes their owners never intended. See more »

Cars with Hidden Agendas, Part 1: The VW Scandal

In part one of this two-part episode about the computerization of cars, Lauren and Joe are joined by CarStuff hosts Scott Benjamin and Ben Bowlin to discuss the Volkswagen emissions "defeat device" scandal. See more »

What's Up With DARPA?

What is DARPA all about? We take a look at some of the R&D projects overseen by the organization. See more »

The Singularity Has Arrived

Last night, the Singularity arrived! Joe, Lauren and Jonathan talk about what we got right, what we got wrong and when to expect your next software patch. See more »

Ants ... to the Future

Ants can ruin a picnic, sure, but they might also inspire some of the most interesting materials technology and computer science of tomorrow. Your hosts take a look at these swarming, six-legged collective geniuses in this podcast. See more »

Making Computers Think Like Brains

Computers and brains don't work the same way but that hasn't stopped us from trying to make computers that can "think." See more »

Computers vs. Brains

Futurists often talk about computers and brains as if they were interchangeable. Your hosts explore the many ways that computers and brains are fundamentally different, as well as what each machine is best and worst at. See more »

AI: Friend or Foe

Can we create a friendly artificial intelligence? Is such a thing impossible? We look at the best and worst case scenarios. See more »

Machines Hate Natural Language

Why do machines have so much trouble understanding natural language? We look at how machines process information and the challenges of making natural language processing a reality. See more »