None More Black?

We joke on Fw:Thinking that the future will be made out of carbon nanotubes. Based on the numerous qualities it can have it really does seem like a miracle material. One of those materials is that it can be more

How will the Internet of Things communicate?

We’ve talked about the Internet of Things a lot on Fw:Thinking (see one of our earliest episodes on it at the end of this post). It’s the future in which all sorts of devices and sensors communicate with one another

Smartphones and Scenic Routes

As someone who hates asking for directions, I was thrilled when GPS became a standard feature in smartphones. Normally, I enjoy finding the most efficient route between two points. “Ooh, this one has fewer traffic lights! But this one has

Blind People Help Engineers Design Better Tactile Displays

I recently blogged about how researchers at Georgia Tech developed a glove that teaches people how to type (and read) in Braille through haptic feedback. I suppose this can be a companion piece, as I just learned about studies that

How to Learn Braille Without Even Trying

As a graduate of the University of Georgia, it’s very hard for me to admit when the folks at Georgia Tech do something amazing (which happens far too frequently). Anyone who doesn’t understand what that means needs to look into

Image courtesy of NASA, CXC, SAO, E.Bulbul, et al.
Shining Light on Dark Matter

Mere moments after I wrote a blog post about how the Large Hadron Collider will be coming back online in 2015 to look for dark matter I saw this cool article on NASA’s web site about the stuff. Dark matter

Vladimir Simicek/isifa/Getty Images
LHC Preps for Round Two

I’m fascinated by the Large Hadron Collider (I even wrote the HowStuffWorks article about it). The facility gained legendary status before it was fully operational. From naysayers predicting the particle accelerator would create a black hole that would destroy the

Martin McCarthy/E+/Getty Images
Solar Cells, Quantum Dots and Energy Efficiency

This morning, I saw a Facebook post from Dan Bush, the guy who directs the Fw:Thinking videos (hi, Dan!). Dan shared an article about researchers who have developed a new approach to building solar cells. They’ve worked with colloidal quantum

Artist's rendition of downtown Sandpoint, Idaho - Home of Solar Roadways |
Courtesy of Solar Roadways; Graphic design by Sam Cornett
The Future, Optimism and Solar Roadways

Here at Fw:Thinking, we take an optimistic view of the future. Humans have achieved some remarkable things in our relatively brief history. From designing basic machines to creating a worldwide information network, we’ve done pretty well. But being optimistic doesn’t

Konstantin Inozemtsev/Vetta/Getty Images
Turing Tests and Smartypants Chatbots

You may have heard the exciting news that a partnership between three programmers produced a computer program that has passed the famous Turing Test. But what does that really mean? First, some background on the Turing Test. This is named

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