A little dust just got in our eyes.
Waving Goodbye to Gravitational Waves?

On March 26, 2014, we published a Fw:Thinking video about scientists with the BICEP2 project finding evidence of gravitational waves, lending support to a particular variation of the Big Bang theory. Since that amazing find, scientists and researchers have brought

An artist's concept of OSIRIS-REx flying over the asteroid Bennu. | Image courtesy of NASA/Goddard
Send a Message to an Asteroid … and Back!

Want to send a message to the surface of an asteroid? Here’s your chance — and you’ve got until September 30th to make it happen. In 2016, NASA will launch a spacecraft called the Origins-Spectral Interpretation-Resource Identification-Security-Regolith Explorer, a.k.a. “OSIRIS-REx.”

Targeting Malaria With Science

In the movies, scientific study flashes by in an instant. From a cinematic point of view, this makes sense — you can’t just have the camera linger on a group of researchers indefinitely as they toil over petri dishes and

Artist's depiction of ISEE-3. | Image courtesy of NASA
The Satellite and the Vacant McDonald’s

Mountain View, California is a tech-heavy place. That’s the location of the Googleplex, Google’s high-tech campus. It’s also the location of a group of engineers controlling a satellite from an old, abandoned McDonald’s restaurant. No, really! What’s better is that

The Future of Blood

In the future, blood may be manufactured in labs — and designed to be more shelf-stable than Velveeta. Forget Tru:Blood. This stuff could be given to all patients, regardless of blood type, and stored for years without refrigeration in case

Darren Hendley/iStock/Thinkstock
Quantum Physics and Cheshire Cats

We’ve said it many times on Fw:Thinking – the quantum world is weird. From electron tunneling to superposition to entanglement, things happen on the quantum scale that defy common sense. And just when I think I’m starting to get the

Image courtesy of NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA
Andromeda vs Milky Way – The Tale of the Tape

Sometimes, my brain comes up with weird questions. Examples include “how many dinosaurs would it take to create a single barrel worth of petroleum” or “how long could I live off of Frito corn chips?” I’m comforted that other people

None More Black?

We joke on Fw:Thinking that the future will be made out of carbon nanotubes. Based on the numerous qualities it can have it really does seem like a miracle material. One of those materials is that it can be more

How will the Internet of Things communicate?

We’ve talked about the Internet of Things a lot on Fw:Thinking (see one of our earliest episodes on it at the end of this post). It’s the future in which all sorts of devices and sensors communicate with one another

Smartphones and Scenic Routes

As someone who hates asking for directions, I was thrilled when GPS became a standard feature in smartphones. Normally, I enjoy finding the most efficient route between two points. “Ooh, this one has fewer traffic lights! But this one has

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