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All Hands on Planetary Defense!

How did the novella The Little Prince inspire a planetary defense strategy? How does NASA plan to put an asteroid in lunar orbit? And can we stop a catastrophic event? See more »

The Dawn Mission

What is NASA's Dawn mission all about? What are they learning from Vesta and Ceres? And could Ceres have habitable oceans? See more »

I Claim This Asteroid for Spain!

How will owning property in space work? What does the 1967 space treaty say? What are some proposed solutions to the problem? See more »

Back to the Asteroid Mines: Further Reading

NASA actually maintains a list of potential future Earth impact events. Get more weird asteroid info in Lauren's Fw:Thinking blog post. See more »

It's Coming Right For Us

What's our current plan should an asteroid come hurtling toward Earth? Is the Armageddon scenario feasible? What are alternatives? See more »

There's Platinum in Them Thar Asteroids

Private companies have announced plans for asteroid mining. Read about the outlook for asteroid mining in this Fw:Thinking blog post. See more »

Asteroid Mining Econ 101

Mining asteroids for water and metals could be very profitable. Learn about asteroid mining in this blog post from Fw:Thinking. See more »