shkadov-pod-600x350 Shkadov Thrusters: Moving the Solar System

One day in the far future, we may have to abandon our home and set out to colonize a new part of the galaxy. But is it possible to take the entire solar system with us on the journey?

venom-podcast-600x350 Venom Tech

Venom is one of the most fascinating things in the animal kingdom. But what role does it play in contemporary and future medicine?

listener-mail-600x350 Listener Mail Roundup #1

How will we consume media in the future? Could we harness the Earth's core for energy? How do astronomers indicate celestial positions? The team answers some listener mail.

int-prop-2-600x350 The Future of Copyright and IP: Part 2

From Creative Commons to corporations' ownership of intellectual property, we conclude our discussions on the future of creativity, possession and the law.

intellectual-prop-1-600x350 The Future of Copyright and IP: Part 1

Where did the concept of copyright come from? Why does it last so long? We look at where copyright comes from in an effort to guess at where it's going.

Image courtesy of Microsoft The HoloLens

Will Microsoft's new augmented reality goggles change computing forever? We look at the HoloLens and why people are so excited about it.

smart-home-pod-600x350 Smart Homes

What's the future of smart home technology? Will our houses take care of all our chores for us? And what are the downsides?

aliens-in-600x350 The Aliens Are Coming!

How likely is an alien invasion in our future and what would our options be if it happened? We explore this science fiction idea and debate our best course of action.

iStock/Thinkstock The Future of the Bicycle

Will future American city-dwellers live in Bike Heaven, or will the car remain king? The podcast crew addresses an excellent listener question about the future of bicycles in this episode.

ANNE-CHRISTINE POUJOULAT/AFP/Getty Images Human-animal Hybrids

Scientists have been investigating ways to mix human biology with that of other life forms. How far can we go? How far SHOULD we go?

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