yellowstone-caldera-600x350 The Truth About Supervolcanoes

What makes a supervolcano so super? How likely is an eruption? And what would actually happen?

radar-pod-600x350 The Future of Radar

Radar is a cool technology. We explain how it works and what radar has in store in the future!

emdrive-600x350 What is the EmDrive?

Could a high tech engine violate the laws of physics? What is a reactionless drive? We examine the claims and criticisms of the EmDrive.

powerwall-600x350 Is the PowerWall a Wonder?

What is the Tesla Powerwall? Does it make sense for people to buy one? We take a look.

darpa-robot-600x350 What’s Up With DARPA?

What is DARPA all about? We take a look at some of the R&D projects overseen by the organization.

transplant-600x350 Transplants of the Future

A Russian man plans to be the world's first head transplant patient. Is such a thing possible? We look at the story and the future of transplants.

future-of-sound-2-600x350 The Future of Sound: Part Two

In a continuation of our discussion about sound, we look at non-medical applications of sonic technology. From smartphone controls to levitation, we explore the future of sound.

sound-pod-1-600x350 The Future of Sound: Part One

Sound is pretty amazing. In this episode, we look at ways scientists, engineers and doctors will use sound in the future to transform our world.

bot-or-not-600x350 Spot the Bot

The flip side of artificial intelligence is that it will be harder for us to be sure the person we're talking to is actually a person. Are there tricks to spotting a bot on the web?

nuke-car-600x350 Nuke-Mobile

Nuclear power is used for giant vehicles like aircraft carriers or stealthy ones like submarines, but why isn't it everywhere? Could you have a nuclear-powered car?

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