ANNE-CHRISTINE POUJOULAT/AFP/Getty Images Human-animal Hybrids

Scientists have been investigating ways to mix human biology with that of other life forms. How far can we go? How far SHOULD we go?

resolution-podcast-600x350 Resolution in the New Year

We're at the dawn of the 4K ultra-high-definition TV era. What does resolution really mean? And is there a limit?

Tiffany Rose/Getty Images Back to Back to the Future II, Part Two

The gang continues to discuss the tech seen in the future segment of Back to the Future II. Were they right on target or totally wrong?

Bennett Raglin/BET/Getty Images for BET Back to Back to the Future II, Part One

It's time to go back in time to the future of the past! It's 2015, the year Marty McFly traveled forward to in Back to the Future II. How does it stack up?

remains-present-600x350 The Ruins of the Present

Today, we have the ruins of ancient Rome, Persia and Egypt. What will the remains of modern civilization look like when our present becomes ancient history?

tentacle-tech-600x350 Tentacle Technology

Animals like squid, octopuses and jellyfish use strange, fascinating limbs to interact with the world. How can we take inspiration from the natural designs of these arms and tentacles to create robots, synthetic materials and even medicine?

jetpack-600x350 Here’s Your Jetpack

Where's my jetpack? Where's my jetpack? Where's my jetpack? Where's my jetpack? Where's my jetpack? Where's my jetpack? Where's my jetpack?

blu-clay-prog-mat-600x350 The Future of Programmable Matter

Ever wish you could copy, share and edit 3D objects like you can with a Google doc? We take a close look at several visions of programmable matter, including ideas like claytronics: the robotic goop that could change our lives in weird and awesome ways.

David McNew/Getty Images Could we make a real lightsaber?

Is there any way we could create an actual working lightsaber? The podcast crew undergoes Jedi training to find out.

iStock/Thinkstock What’s the Password?

Passwords are a pain and they're edging towards becoming obsolete. What's next?

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