Ian Waldie/Getty Images Hello Barbie

There's a new Barbie doll coming out that has created a bit of a controversy. We talk about the Internet of Things, privacy and toys.

5G-podcast-600x350 5G and the Future of Mobile

What's the future of wireless data? Will 5G leave everything else in the dust? And what do all those Gs mean?

random-numbers-600x350 That’s So Random (Number Generator)

The team responds to a listener request and talks about random number generation. Why is it so hard? Could it be impossible? And what's in store for the future?

ceres-pod-600x350 The Dawn Mission

What is NASA's Dawn mission all about? What are they learning from Vesta and Ceres? And could Ceres have habitable oceans?

artificial-light-600x350 The Future of Artificial Light

Artificial light is one of the most fundamental of all human technologies. What will the future of light look like?

balloons-space-600x350 Balloons in Space!

Are balloons the next step in space tourism? We look at companies trying to get off the ground in the industry. And how high is space, anyway?

smells-pod-600x350 The Future of Smells

Vision and hearing get all the glory, but humans might be more controlled by our sense of smell than we realize. The podcasters examine some smelly science and discuss how smells figure in to future tech.

robot-breakin-the-law-600x350 What happens when a robot breaks the law?

As machine intelligence becomes more complex, our machines will increasingly behave in ways that surprise us. What happens when one of them does something that we find socially, legally or even morally unacceptable?

big-data-movies-600x350 Big Data’s Big Date with the Movies

Will the movies of the future be built according to market research with big data? We look at how the movie industry relies on digital information.

shkadov-pod-600x350 Shkadov Thrusters: Moving the Solar System

One day in the far future, we may have to abandon our home and set out to colonize a new part of the galaxy. But is it possible to take the entire solar system with us on the journey?

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