David Lodge/FilmMagic/Getty Images The Real Star Trek Tricorder

In Star Trek, the tricorder is an all-purpose sensor array that can diagnose a person in moments. Is a real tricorder part of our near future?

20th Century-Fox/Getty Images Did Minority Report Shape User Interfaces?

In the film Minority Report, we see Tom Cruise's character use gestures similar to today's touchscreen commands. What's the story behind the film's technology?

PhotoAlto/Ale Ventura/Getty Images Will Future Consumer Tech Still Be Awkward?

Why is it in science fiction films you never see people struggle to operate consumer tech? Will the tech of the future really be flawlessly simple?

minerva-project-600x350 Project Minerva

Could a start-up company challenge the university system? We look at why higher education is so expensive and the goals of the Minerva Project.

Christian Jasiuk/iStock/Thinkstock The Future of Blood!

Blood: the liquid that we are large sacks of. Join the podcast team for a look at the future of artificial blood, rejuvenating transfusions and more.

lirtlon/iStock/Thinkstock Ants … to the Future

Ants can ruin a picnic, sure, but they might also inspire some of the most interesting materials technology and computer science of tomorrow. Your hosts take a look at these swarming, six-legged collective geniuses in this podcast.

Benderonny/iStock/Thinkstock Augmenting the Brain, Part Two: Tech

When you put your thinking cap on in the future, will it be a literal hat that boosts your intelligence? We look at tech that promises to make you smarter.

moonisblack/iStock/Thinkstock Augmenting the Brain, Part One: Chemicals

Are there safe, effective ways to boost brain power? Will the humans of the future be popping smart pills and leaving us all in the intellectual dust?

chips-organs-600x350 The Future of Clinical Trials

Could an emerging technology eliminate the need for animal testing in pre-clinical trials? We examine the potential of the organ-on-a-chip.

dra_schwartz/E+/Getty Images Pew! Pew! Laser!

The inventor of the laser turned 99 in 2014. We look at emerging, cutting-edge uses for one of the coolest types of tech out there.

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