pain-pills-600x350 The Future of Pain

Pain is both a physical and emotional experience, which makes it hard to treat. Today's therapies (like opioid drugs) come with dangerous side effects. How could new research change the ways we treat pain?

clock-second-600x350 Redefining the Second

A new type of clock might require a new definition of what a second is. Is time about to turn upside down?

synthetic-organism-600x350 Manufacturing Lifeforms

Are we close to creating all-new life forms? What are the scientific challenges? Should we be concerned about ethics?

magenta-600x350 Google Goes Magenta

Can a computer create art from scratch? How will Google's Magenta project actually work? And can a machine be truly creative?

pod-galaxy-600x350 Exoplanet Overload

NASA researchers announced the Kepler telescope had verified 1,284 new exoplanets. How did they do that and what does it mean?

robo-hand-600x350 What is the future of robotic hands?

Hands are awesome. They're also difficult to replicate. What's the state of the art of robotic hands?

ovens-600x350 Oven 2.0

When we think of the future, we don't often consider our common appliances. But what will the oven of the future be like?

e-waste-600x350 The E-Waste Problem

What is e-waste? How big a problem is it? And what can we do to fix it?

livestreaming-600x350 And We’re Live!

Livestreaming has really taken off. What's the future of livestreaming?

cryo-pod-600x350 Are Cryonics Cool?

Would cryogenics put you into suspended animation or would it just kill you? The crew looks into what happens when you're put on ice.

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