antique-book-600x350 How to Make It Last Forever, Part Two

In part two, we look at how keeping information accessible to future generations is a big challenge. From digital obsolescence to outdated hardware, how can we keep information alive?

make-it-last-forever-600x350 How to Make It Last Forever, Part One

In the United States, we have a lifestyle that leans toward the disposable. How might we build and care for things so that future generations will be able to access, enjoy and learn from them?

jon-trip-2-600x350 Deep Dreaming with Google

What is Google's DeepDream project all about? And how are people using it to create surreal art?

taxi-row-600x350 Hailing the Robo Cab

Uber's CEO plans to replace human drivers with robots. What would such a future look like, and what happens to all those drivers?

future-roads-pod-600x350 Where We’re Going We Do Need Roads

Will roads ever change in the future? Learn about self-healing materials, smart highways and whether or not it makes sense to turn roads into a giant solar farm.

neemo-pod-600x350 Finding NEEMO

How does NASA test equipment and strategies for deep space here on Earth? Sometimes, they take the plunge underwater. Learn about the NEEMO program and what it means to be an aquanaut.

coruscant-600x350 Will Earth Become Coruscant?

In Star Wars, the capital of the empire is Coruscant, a planet covered by an enormous city. Is such a thing possible? And how crowded would a planet with one trillion people be?

megacities-600x350 The Megacity Era

What are megacities? Why are they so difficult to define? We explore the future of cities with 10 million people or more in them.

airplane-blueprints-600x350 NASA’s Wild Aeronautics Ideas

NASA has given the thumbs up to six research projects that could revolutionize aeronautics. We look at each one and talk about what the results could mean to the rest of us.

airplane-lanes-600x350 Anti-Pathogen Architecture

We all know that an airplane is really just a flying germ machine, right? And our office buildings can often seem like little more than disease incubators. The podcast team investigates how we can redesign our physical environments to prevent illnesses from spreading.

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