xray-car-pod-600x350 Cars with Hidden Agendas, Part 2: Digital Detours

In part two of this two-part episode about the computerization of cars, Scott and Ben return as guest co-hosts to help Lauren and Joe figure out how some computerized cars of the future could serve purposes their owners never intended.

car-exhaust-pod-600x350 Cars with Hidden Agendas, Part 1: The VW Scandal

In part one of this two-part episode about the computerization of cars, Lauren and Joe are joined by CarStuff hosts Scott Benjamin and Ben Bowlin to discuss the Volkswagen emissions “defeat device” scandal.

printing-footbones-600x350 3D Printing in Medicine

Lauren and Jonathan explore three ways 3D printers could change medicine. From printing drugs to regenerating nerves, we explore what happens when doctors work with additive manufacturing.

bitcoin-future-600x350 Is there a future for Bitcoin?

The crypto-currency Bitcoin has weathered many storms lately. Is there a future for this digital currency or will it disappear in a puffs of 0s and 1s?

lock-featured Lock and Key

Now that someone has created 3D models of TSA master keys, TSA luggage locks are no longer secure. What is the future of locks?

game_podcast_feature9.24.15 Gaming the System

What is the future of games? Which games have been "solved?" And are there any games humans will always be better at than computers?

hurr-pod-600x350 The Hurricanes of the Future

How will climate change impact hurricane formation in the future? We explore the science behind some of the most powerful storms and how they may be getting worse in the future.

bac-comms-600x350 Forget Going Viral – Bacterial Communication is Awesome

How do bacteria communicate with one another? And how could understanding that help us fight superbugs that have developed resistance to antibiotics?

audio-enhan-600x350 Zoom and Enhance: The Sound Edition

How could a video camera pick up sound without a microphone? We look at the science of sound and how any object could become a mic.

panspermia-pod-600x350 Searching for Alien Life Starts Here

If there are aliens out there, is there any way to know where we should be looking? The team talks about a mathematical model that might give us some direction.

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Learn how to decode the new EPA fuel economy labels with this interactive infographic.

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