Image courtesy of NASA Environmental Sensors in Space Travel

In some science fiction universes, a quick scan from your EVA suit is all you need to determine if the planet you're visiting is safe. Can we do that in real life?

star-trek-econ-600x350 The Star Trek Economy

In Star Trek, humans no longer use money. Is this really in our future?

orion-recovery-600x350 The Orion Spacecraft

The Orion space vehicle recently passed a major flight test. How will Orion fit into NASA's plans for the future of space exploration?

robots-jobs-600x350 Will robots steal our jobs?

Are robots going to take our jobs? Will we just get new jobs? And will it be a smooth transition?

bio-bot-600x350 Biobots

Building robots is hard. What if we just created an army of cyborg cockroaches? Guess what? We are!

reconfig-pod-600x350 Self-Reconfiguring Modular Robots GO!

What if you could own a big robot made up of thousands of smaller robots, and it was able to change its shape in order to complete various tasks?

iStock/Thinkstock Can computers describe what they see?

Why is it so hard to teach a computer to understand complex scenes in pictures? We look at the problem and how computer scientists are solving it.

Image courtesy of NASA How to Talk to Aliens

If we found intelligent alien life, how would we communicate with it? We explore the challenges of chatting with someone out of this world.

iStock/Thinkstock Space Travel and Synthetic Biology

We can't carry everything we need for long space missions. Could synthetic biology help us produce stuff like biopolymers, drugs or even food?

distributed-com-600 Sharing the Load

Distributed computing not only helps researchers analyze data more efficiently, but also lets you take part in scientific research! We look at examples of distributed computing and how you can get involved.

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