airplane-blueprints-600x350 NASA’s Wild Aeronautics Ideas

NASA has given the thumbs up to six research projects that could revolutionize aeronautics. We look at each one and talk about what the results could mean to the rest of us.

airplane-lanes-600x350 Anti-Pathogen Architecture

We all know that an airplane is really just a flying germ machine, right? And our office buildings can often seem like little more than disease incubators. The podcast team investigates how we can redesign our physical environments to prevent illnesses from spreading.

download-memories-600x350 Thanks for the Memories

How do memories work? Can technology read memories? Is a memory-detecting algorithm foolproof?

solar-sail-pod-600x350 Setting Sail for the Stars

What is a solar sail and how does it work? We explain the technology and talk about current and future uses of solar sails.

biofuel-600x350 Do Biofuels Make Sense?

It sure would be great to not use fossil fuels but are biofuels the answer? We look at the complicated case for biofuels.

darpa-rob-chal-600x350 DARPA Robotics Challenge Results

In early June, teams competed to control a robot that could respond to a simulated emergency situation. What did the robots have to do and who won?

seismograph-600x350 The Future of Earthquakes

Will we ever be able to predict earthquakes? If not, how can we better prepare for them? We delve into the past, present and future of seismic detection and protection.

future-fashion-600x350 The Future of Fashion

Special guest Holly Frey of Stuff You Missed in History Class joins the podcast team to talk about futuristic fabrics, cutting-edge casual wear and the haute couture of tomorrow. Spoiler: The future is sweat pants.

common-crawl-600x350 The Common Crawl

The Web is an enormous treasure trove of data. But how can you find the information you're looking for? We explore web crawlers and big data.

socially-intelligent-600x350 Robots Getting Social

What is social intelligence and can a robot possess it? We take a look at an emerging field of robotics and how challenging it is to make a machine that can socially interact with humans.

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