livcool/iStock/Thinkstock AI: Friend or Foe

Can we create a friendly artificial intelligence? Is such a thing impossible? We look at the best and worst case scenarios.

Malte Mueller/Getty Images Is the Singularity Coming?

What is the concept of the Singularity? What are the different pathways? Is it really only a couple of decades away?

isak55/iStock/Thinkstock Making 100 the New 60

A recently launched project called Human Longevity Inc. intends, as co-founder Peter Diamandis put it, to “make 100 years old the new 60.” How do they plan to get us there? And will it work?

Image courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS Rovers Get Around

What's the perfect way for rovers to get around? Why settle on the wheel? We look at the challenges of designing rover mobility systems.

wjarek/iStock/Thinkstock Food Replicators

You’ve seen replicators feed the crew of Star Trek, but will real humans ever be able to press a button and zap an entire meal into existence? If so, are we anywhere close to that today?

Snakebite Productions/Digital Vision/Thinkstock Your Next Surgeon Might Be a Robot

How are robots used in medical procedures today? We look at the history, present and future of robotic surgery. Is it effective?

floating-cities-600x350 Cities in the Sky

Is antigravity possible? From impractical flying machines to cities in the clouds, we take a look at science fiction technology that allows us to slip the bonds of Earth. Is any of it possible?

Ingram Publishing/Thinkstock Fw:Thinking Catches Some Zs

What is the future of sleep? Sleep is an important biological function - but could we engineer a way to eliminate it?

vencavolrab/iStock/Thinkstock The Power of Thorium

Is thorium the answer to our energy needs? We discuss the benefits and drawbacks of thorium as an energy source.

MarcelC/iStock/Thinkstock We Get Back In Time

Seriously, is time travel possible? We take a look at the philosophy and physics of time travel.

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