NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Mars’s MAVEN Mission

What is MAVEN and what is it looking for? We take a close look at NASA's spacecraft and what it might tell us about the red planet.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images The Monsters of the Future: Part 2

Guest Robert Lamb joins Joe and Lauren to talk a bit more about psychology, technology, our fears and what the monsters of our future will look like.

Artist's rendition of the James Webb Space Telescope. | Image courtesy of NASA Looking Through Telescopes: Part 2

What's in the future for telescopes? Fw:Thinking looks at some of the telescopes that will soon be searching the skies for signs of other planets, the birth of galaxies and even the earliest moments of our universe.

galileo-telescopes-1-600x350 Looking Through Telescopes: Part 1

Fw:Thinking takes a long look at the history of the telescope and how facilities around the world (and in space) are getting a closer look at our universe.

Universal/Getty Images The Monsters of the Future, Part 1

Anxieties about technological trends have had a profound influence on the history of the horror genre and the creatures that populate it. In preparation for Halloween season, the Fw:Thinking podcast investigates the future of your nightmares.

fert-berl-podcast-600x350 Fw:Thinking Plays Ball

Technology is changing the way we play and watch sports. From tracking a player's every move to keeping them safe during games, we explore sports technology.

Ian Waldie/Getty Images I Know That Face

Facial recognition technology is pretty incredible. But it's not infallible. We learn how it works and why it's a challenging AI problem.

oct-cloaking-600x350 Is the Future Invisible?

Invisibility cloaks - are they just an element in fiction and folklore or will they become a reality?

Thinkstock Gravitational Waves and Space Dust

A news story from March 2014 needs an update -- could space dust invalidate the discovery of gravitational waves?

Photo Credit: Andrew Rich/Getty Images The Science of Happiness

What does it mean to be happy? What's going on biologically, and how can we improve humanity's overall happiness in the future?

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