Photodisc/Thinkstock The Lighter Side of Tech

What is the field of photonics really about? We examine how light could change computing forever.

Devrimb/iStock/Thinkstock Testing With Turing

Should we come up with an alternative to the Turing Test for machine intelligence? We take a look at the test and what it means to AI.

bestdesigns/iStock/Thinkstock The Consciousness Problem

What is consciousness and have researchers found the on/off switch? We look at what we know so far.

homeworks255/iStock/Thinkstock Quick! To the Zeppelin!

What are airships and how might they come back in a big way? We take a look at the history and future of this type of aircraft.

Fox Photos/Getty Images Kitchens of the Future

How is technology transforming kitchens into the communal cooking space of the future?

Vladimir Simicek/isifa/Getty Images Smashing Particles for Science

How do particle accelerators work and what are they good for? We take a look at particle physics.

Grzegorz Petrykowski/iStock/Thinkstock Tech Gets Bendy

What's the secret of flexible electronics? What are the applications of tech that can bend around curves and corners?

ESezer/iStock/Thinkstock Spider Tech

Spiders are fascinating creatures. They play a crucial role in most of the world’s ecosystems, and they could even teach us a lot about how to make new biomimetic technologies. Join the podcast team for a look at our creepy crawly future.

StillStock/iStock/Thinkstock Cryptically Quantum

We look at how the laws of quantum physics could allow us to communicate in perfect secrecy.

Fuse/Thinkstock Biomimetics

Humans can create some pretty astounding technologies, but it’s hard to beat the R&D provided by 4 billion years of evolution. How do modern humans look to nature for inspiration in engineering and design?

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