Your Body as a Computer Interface

Could the future of electronics be the human body? We explore efforts to turn your body into a technological interface.

The Future of Weather: Part Two

Let's get real: Are there any serious weather modification technologies on the horizon? Julie Douglas joins Lauren and Joe in the second part of this discussion about weather control.

The Future of Weather: Part One

What does the future have in store for the way we interact with and potentially even harness weather? Julie Douglas joins Lauren and Joe to discuss what the future of weather might look like.

How to Make It Last Forever, Part Two

In part two, we look at how keeping information accessible to future generations is a big challenge. From digital obsolescence to outdated hardware, how can we keep information alive?

How to Make It Last Forever, Part One

In the United States, we have a lifestyle that leans toward the disposable. How might we build and care for things so that future generations will be able to access, enjoy and learn from them?

Thanks for the Memories

How do memories work? Can technology read memories? Is a memory-detecting algorithm foolproof?

Thoughts on Fuel Cells

Tentacle Technology

Animals like squid, octopuses and jellyfish use strange, fascinating limbs to interact with the world. How can we take inspiration from the natural designs of these arms and tentacles to create robots, synthetic materials and even medicine?

Time for a New Clock

First Comet Landing in Human History