Edible Electronics

Making supercapacitors out of the same stuff you'd buy for a barbecue seems strange, but edible electronics could change the medical industry for the better. Tune in to learn how (and what they'll taste like).

Transplants of the Future

A Russian man plans to be the world's first head transplant patient. Is such a thing possible? We look at the story and the future of transplants.

Your Next Surgeon Might Be a Robot

How are robots used in medical procedures today? We look at the history, present and future of robotic surgery. Is it effective?

How Clean is Too Clean?

Why does science fiction often depict a (literally) sanitized future? How has the need for clean environments evolved with science and technology? Is it dangerous to be TOO clean?

Scalpel. Sponge. WD-40.

A study has found robotic surgery may be better than traditional prostate cancer surgery. Learn about robotic surgery in this blog post.