Star Trek

Beam Me Up, Fw:Thinking

It's time to look at a science fiction technology: teleporters. Could teleportation ever work? Will it allow for faster-than-light travel?

Environmental Sensors in Space Travel

In some science fiction universes, a quick scan from your EVA suit is all you need to determine if the planet you're visiting is safe. Can we do that in real life?

The Star Trek Economy

In Star Trek, humans no longer use money. Is this really in our future?

The Real Star Trek Tricorder

In Star Trek, the tricorder is an all-purpose sensor array that can diagnose a person in moments. Is a real tricorder part of our near future?

Food Replicators

You've seen replicators feed the crew of Star Trek, but will real humans ever be able to press a button and zap an entire meal into existence? If so, are we anywhere close to that today?

A Stunning Technology

Is there a safe way to stun? In Star Trek, setting phasers to stun was a way to incapacitate a threat safely. Where are we on stun technology today?

Adventures in Wookieepedia

What was the first documented use of the term 'tractor beam?' What can tractor beams do in science fiction? How many geeky references can the team make in this one show?

Artificial Gravity: That's Heavy, Man

Sci-fi movies usually assume artificial gravity in space. Find out out more about artificial gravity in this blog post from Fw:Thinking.

Starfleet Officers and Real Astronauts Hang Out Today

NASA hosts a Google+ Hangout with real astronauts and the Star Trek crew. Read to learn more about how you can watch the Google+ Hangout.

Got Your Note - Before You Sent It

What are the logical problems around faster-than-light communication? What is quantum entanglement? What are tachyons? Tune in to learn more.