solar energy

Solar Impulse Ends its Journey

In 2014, we talked about how the Solar Impulse aircraft would fly around the globe using solar energy to create electricity. Two years later, that journey is over. How did it do?

The Solar Economy

Is solar power finally a reasonable option for the average person? And how do solar towers work?

You Can't Get There From Now

What's the future of air travel? The team takes a look at aircraft designs that could get you there faster, cheaper and more efficiently.

Getting Steamy with Solar Energy

Nanoparticles could help steam and sterilize without electricity. Learn more about nanoparticles and steam in this Fw:Thinking blog post.

It's All Solar

Most of the energy we use was solar energy at one time or another. Learn about your energy's solar roots in this Fw:Thinking blog post.

Net-Zero Energy Skyscrapers: A Tall Order

What does it mean for a building to be net-zero energy? What does passive solar mean? What techniques can architects use to reduce energy consumption? Join the conversation with Jonathan, Joe and Lauren.