social media

The Agony of Notifications

Technology has us more plugged in and connected than ever before but it also creates endless opportunities for interruptions. What effect do notifications have on productivity and anxiety? And how could technology help solve a problem it created?

Spot the Bot

The flip side of artificial intelligence is that it will be harder for us to be sure the person we're talking to is actually a person. Are there tricks to spotting a bot on the web?

Ephemera and Eternity

The rise of "non-permanent" social media like Snapchat might be changing the way we envision digital permanence. How do our online personalities affect our future selves? What will it be like to live in a world where past decisions are always with us?

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Social Media Is Killing Your Brain Unless It's Not

Are services like Facebook and Twitter rewiring kids' brains? Has social media had a measurable impact on how we make friends? Can social media actually help people make more meaningful connections?

Camera One . . . Through One Million

Cameras are everywhere, and surveillance is becoming nearly ubiquitous. Learn more about the future of surveillance in this blog post.