Looking Back on the Future Part Two

Joe and Lauren share their favorite predictions about the future while Jonathan makes lots of jokes. What predictions rank among the team's favorites?

The Future of Weather: Part Two

Let's get real: Are there any serious weather modification technologies on the horizon? Julie Douglas joins Lauren and Joe in the second part of this discussion about weather control.

The Future of Weather: Part One

What does the future have in store for the way we interact with and potentially even harness weather? Julie Douglas joins Lauren and Joe to discuss what the future of weather might look like.

Mama Bots Having Baby Bots

The team talks about an experiment in the UK in which a robotic arm built, tested and redesigned other robots. Will machines take over the manufacturing world?

The Mega Laser

There's a new heavy-hitting laser in Japan. What will it be used for? We explore the use of lasers in science, industry and the future.

Finding NEEMO

How does NASA test equipment and strategies for deep space here on Earth? Sometimes, they take the plunge underwater. Learn about the NEEMO program and what it means to be an aquanaut.

The Science of Happiness

What does it mean to be happy? What's going on biologically, and how can we improve humanity's overall happiness in the future?

The Future of Blood

Testing Homeopathy

Sources of Inspiration

There are a lot of great sites promoting science and critical thinking. Read about these sources of inspiration in this blog post.