Science Fiction

A Stunning Technology

Is there a safe way to stun? In Star Trek, setting phasers to stun was a way to incapacitate a threat safely. Where are we on stun technology today?

The Island of Stability

Some believe that the upper end of the periodic table contains an island of stability. Read about the island of stability in this blog post.

You Aren't From Around Here Are You

Why do aliens in science fiction films look like us more often than not? Is it likely we'll find aliens that look humanoid? Will alien life be carbon-based?

It's Coming Right For Us

What's our current plan should an asteroid come hurtling toward Earth? Is the Armageddon scenario feasible? What are alternatives?

Zoom and Enhance

Is what we see in the movies possible, can you really zoom and enhance? What are some of the ways we manipulate digital photos and video? What is light field capture and what can it do?

Remember When That Never Happened?

Researchers have been able to induce false memories in mice with fiber optic light delivery. Learn about memories in this blog post.

Space. Very Dangerous. You Go First.

This week's video is about the future of space exploration. Learn about one model of future space exploration in this Fw:Thinking blog post.

Adventures in Wookieepedia

What was the first documented use of the term 'tractor beam?' What can tractor beams do in science fiction? How many geeky references can the team make in this one show?

Starfleet Officers and Real Astronauts Hang Out Today

NASA hosts a Google+ Hangout with real astronauts and the Star Trek crew. Read to learn more about how you can watch the Google+ Hangout.