Science Fiction

Looking Back on the Future Part Two

Joe and Lauren share their favorite predictions about the future while Jonathan makes lots of jokes. What predictions rank among the team's favorites?

Beam Me Up, Fw:Thinking

It's time to look at a science fiction technology: teleporters. Could teleportation ever work? Will it allow for faster-than-light travel?

Will Earth Become Coruscant?

In Star Wars, the capital of the empire is Coruscant, a planet covered by an enormous city. Is such a thing possible? And how crowded would a planet with one trillion people be?

The Star Trek Economy

In Star Trek, humans no longer use money. Is this really in our future?

The Monsters of the Future, Part 1

Anxieties about technological trends have had a profound influence on the history of the horror genre and the creatures that populate it. In preparation for Halloween season, the Fw:Thinking podcast investigates the future of your nightmares.

Will Future Consumer Tech Still Be Awkward?

Why is it in science fiction films you never see people struggle to operate consumer tech? Will the tech of the future really be flawlessly simple?

Sci-fi and Speech

Will humans in the future talk like we do today? Or is the perfect English of a Jean-Luc Picard merely a convenience for sci-fi writers?

Predictions Are Hard!

We're old hands at making predictions but history is filled with inaccurate (and hilarious) guesses that were way off the mark.

Cities in the Sky

Is antigravity possible? From impractical flying machines to cities in the clouds, we take a look at science fiction technology that allows us to slip the bonds of Earth. Is any of it possible?

We Get Back In Time

Seriously, is time travel possible? We take a look at the philosophy and physics of time travel.