Cyborg Slugs and Synthetic Stingrays

We explore the wonderful, terrifying world of combining technology and organic material. From robots with slug muscles to an artificial stingray, what's up with cyborgs?

You Have Twenty Seconds To Comply

Robot security guards have been around for a couple of years. What role do they fill? Are we creating the robot army destined to overthrow us?

Are robots electronic persons?

A draft report for the EU suggests ways we should prepare for a new industrial revolution powered by robots. Is it time to make them electronic persons?

Borg Chef, Part II

Are robots poised to take over the kitchen? We look at the opportunities and challenges in the future of kitchen automation.

The SxSW Roundup Show

Jonathan and Lauren were in Austin for SxSW 2016. What were the big topics of discussion and will our future really be an intelligent one?

Will we have Basic Income in the future?

What is Universal Basic Income? Does it make financial sense? Will it become a necessity?

Mama Bots Having Baby Bots

The team talks about an experiment in the UK in which a robotic arm built, tested and redesigned other robots. Will machines take over the manufacturing world?

Hailing the Robo Cab

Uber's CEO plans to replace human drivers with robots. What would such a future look like, and what happens to all those drivers?

DARPA Robotics Challenge Results

In early June, teams competed to control a robot that could respond to a simulated emergency situation. What did the robots have to do and who won?

Robots Getting Social

What is social intelligence and can a robot possess it? We take a look at an emerging field of robotics and how challenging it is to make a machine that can socially interact with humans.