What is the EmDrive?

Could a high tech engine violate the laws of physics? What is a reactionless drive? We examine the claims and criticisms of the EmDrive.

How to Catch a Time Traveler

If time travel is possible, then surely someone from the future has visited our present. How would we know it happened?

LHC Preps for Round Two

We Get Back In Time

Seriously, is time travel possible? We take a look at the philosophy and physics of time travel.

Massive Thanks

The universe happens to have matter in it, thanks to the Higgs boson. Jonathan expresses his thankfulness for the Higgs boson in this post.

Engage the Tractor Beam!

Scientists have discovered clever ways to build tractor beams in the lab. Learn more about tractor beams in this week's show notes.

Torque Me Out of It

What is torque? How do torque and speed relate to each other? Why is torque important?

Artificial Gravity: That's Heavy, Man

Sci-fi movies usually assume artificial gravity in space. Find out out more about artificial gravity in this blog post from Fw:Thinking.