nuclear power

That's the Bomb

What was operation Plowshare? And are there peaceful applications for nuclear explosions?


Nuclear power is used for giant vehicles like aircraft carriers or stealthy ones like submarines, but why isn't it everywhere? Could you have a nuclear-powered car?

Nuclear Waste - What's the Solution?

Should we bury nuclear waste? Recycle it? Shoot it into space? We talk about the pros and cons of various solutions.

The Problem With Nuclear Waste

Nuclear power has a lot of advantages but one big disadvantage is the nuclear waste. Why is it such a problem?

The Power of Thorium

Is thorium the answer to our energy needs? We discuss the benefits and drawbacks of thorium as an energy source.

Fuel for Thought, Part 2: Fission and Fusion

If done right, nuclear fission and fusion technologies could provide all the electricity this planet needs. Read more in this blog post.