Groovy Moon Boots

How could haptic feedback motors improve the boots astronauts wear? And what are some other applications?

All Hands on Planetary Defense!

How did the novella The Little Prince inspire a planetary defense strategy? How does NASA plan to put an asteroid in lunar orbit? And can we stop a catastrophic event?

The NASA Twin Study

What is the Twin Study? What does NASA hope to learn from Mark and Scott Kelly? And how might it help us get to Mars?

Water on Mars

You may have heard that NASA discovered evidence of flowing water on Mars. We take a look at previous discoveries involving H2O and the Red Planet as well as ask what does this new discovery mean?

To Pluto and Beyond

What have we learned from the New Horizons spacecraft so far? How has Pluto surprised us? And what's next?

Finding NEEMO

How does NASA test equipment and strategies for deep space here on Earth? Sometimes, they take the plunge underwater. Learn about the NEEMO program and what it means to be an aquanaut.

NASA's Wild Aeronautics Ideas

NASA has given the thumbs up to six research projects that could revolutionize aeronautics. We look at each one and talk about what the results could mean to the rest of us.

Setting Sail for the Stars

What is a solar sail and how does it work? We explain the technology and talk about current and future uses of solar sails.

The Dawn Mission

What is NASA's Dawn mission all about? What are they learning from Vesta and Ceres? And could Ceres have habitable oceans?

The Orion Spacecraft

The Orion space vehicle recently passed a major flight test. How will Orion fit into NASA's plans for the future of space exploration?