Forget Going Viral - Bacterial Communication is Awesome

How do bacteria communicate with one another? And how could understanding that help us fight superbugs that have developed resistance to antibiotics?

Transplants of the Future

A Russian man plans to be the world's first head transplant patient. Is such a thing possible? We look at the story and the future of transplants.

The Future of Sound: Part One

Sound is pretty amazing. In this episode, we look at ways scientists, engineers and doctors will use sound in the future to transform our world.

Venom Tech

Venom is one of the most fascinating things in the animal kingdom. But what role does it play in contemporary and future medicine?

The Future of Pandemics

How are science and technology helping us contain pandemics? How might they help us prevent outbreaks entirely in the future? We examine the strategies used to keep disease at bay.

The Real Star Trek Tricorder

In Star Trek, the tricorder is an all-purpose sensor array that can diagnose a person in moments. Is a real tricorder part of our near future?

The Future of Blood!

Blood: the liquid that we are large sacks of. Join the podcast team for a look at the future of artificial blood, rejuvenating transfusions and more.

The Future of Clinical Trials

Could an emerging technology eliminate the need for animal testing in pre-clinical trials? We examine the potential of the organ-on-a-chip.

Pew! Pew! Laser!

The inventor of the laser turned 99 in 2014. We look at emerging, cutting-edge uses for one of the coolest types of tech out there.

The Future of Blood