Materials Science

Cities of Wood and Bone

We look again at the building materials of the future. Could timber replace concrete? And what about synthetic bone?

Spider Tech

Spiders are fascinating creatures. They play a crucial role in most of the world's ecosystems, and they could even teach us a lot about how to make new biomimetic technologies. Join the podcast team for a look at our creepy crawly future.

Indestructible Materialism

Why is the idea of an indestructible material so attractive? Is there actually such a thing? What are some materials that, while not indestructible, might have very special properties?

The Island of Stability

Some believe that the upper end of the periodic table contains an island of stability. Read about the island of stability in this blog post.

Do Space Elevators Play Space Muzak?

What is a space elevator? How would a space elevator work? Why might we never be able to build a working space elevator?