The Future of Weather: Part Two

Let's get real: Are there any serious weather modification technologies on the horizon? Julie Douglas joins Lauren and Joe in the second part of this discussion about weather control.

The Future of Weather: Part One

What does the future have in store for the way we interact with and potentially even harness weather? Julie Douglas joins Lauren and Joe to discuss what the future of weather might look like.

Zoom and Enhance: The Sound Edition

How could a video camera pick up sound without a microphone? We look at the science of sound and how any object could become a mic.

The Mega Laser

There's a new heavy-hitting laser in Japan. What will it be used for? We explore the use of lasers in science, industry and the future.

Pew! Pew! Laser!

The inventor of the laser turned 99 in 2014. We look at emerging, cutting-edge uses for one of the coolest types of tech out there.

The Lighter Side of Tech

What is the field of photonics really about? We examine how light could change computing forever.

The Navy, Futuristic Weapons and Seawater Fuel

Mosquitoes vs. Humans - Battle for the Future

Even if you're a nature lover, you have to admit mosquitoes pose a big problem for our species. Will we ever claim victory over these notorious spreaders of disease? What tools will we have in our arsenal?

Caught in a Tractor Beam

How can light pull microscopic objects? What are the different ways scientists can use light to move stuff? What are some applications of these tractor beams?