The Future of Blood

Testing Homeopathy

Making 100 the New 60

A recently launched project called Human Longevity Inc. intends, as co-founder Peter Diamandis put it, to "make 100 years old the new 60." How do they plan to get us there? And will it work?

Your Next Surgeon Might Be a Robot

How are robots used in medical procedures today? We look at the history, present and future of robotic surgery. Is it effective?

Fw:Thinking Catches Some Zs

What is the future of sleep? Sleep is an important biological function - but could we engineer a way to eliminate it?

How Clean is Too Clean?

Why does science fiction often depict a (literally) sanitized future? How has the need for clean environments evolved with science and technology? Is it dangerous to be TOO clean?

Outsmarting Bacteria

A mechanism to sabotage bacterial communication could replace antibiotics. Learn about outsmarting bacteria in this Fw:Thinking blog post.

Mosquitoes vs. Humans - Battle for the Future

Even if you're a nature lover, you have to admit mosquitoes pose a big problem for our species. Will we ever claim victory over these notorious spreaders of disease? What tools will we have in our arsenal?

The Quest for the Universal Flu Vaccine

Researchers at Stanford are working on a universal flu vaccine. Learn about the universal flu vaccine in this Fw:Thinking blog post.

Better Living Through Fitness Science

Why are there so many theories about how to get fit? How can you separate fitness fact from fiction? What's the real deal with barefoot running, performance enhancers and other fads?