Making Contact (Lenses) With the future

Could future contact lenses detect diseases, environmental hazards and give us augmented reality vision? We explore how companies are hoping to bring a new vision of the future to life.

Search Results and Swaying Elections

Could something as simple as a search results page affect a major political election? It turns out the answer is yes. We look at how search rankings can influence public opinion.

Deep Dreaming with Google

What is Google's DeepDream project all about? And how are people using it to create surreal art?

Can computers describe what they see?

Why is it so hard to teach a computer to understand complex scenes in pictures? We look at the problem and how computer scientists are solving it.

High Tech Contact Lenses

Engineers have been developing really amazing high tech contact lenses. Learn about high tech contact lenses in this Fw:Thinking blog post.

Blowing in the Wind

How does wind power work? What's the future of wind power? What are the pros and cons of wind power?

Robot, You Can Drive My Car

What was the DARPA Grand Challenge? When did Google begin working on autonomous cars? Are robots better drivers than humans?

Glass Ahoy!

Google has mysterious barges floating in San Francisco Bay and off the coast of Maine. Read about these barges in this Fw:Thinking blog post.

We Do Need Some Education

Changes are coming in the future of education, but maybe not in the ways you'd think. Learn more about the future of education in this post.

The Loons at Google

Google plans to use balloons to provide regions of the world with Internet access. Learn more about Google's plans in this blog post.