Gene Drives, GMO Pests, and Avoiding Extinction

A new genetic technology called a gene drive could help eradicate deadly pests, like invasive rats in the Galápagos or malaria-carrying mosquitoes. But exactly how hazardous could accidental consequences be?

Editing Genes with CRISPR

What is the CRISPR technique? How might it revolutionize genetic alteration? And why are some scientists urging caution before it gets widely used?

Human-animal Hybrids

Scientists have been investigating ways to mix human biology with that of other life forms. How far can we go? How far SHOULD we go?

The Future of Food - Show Notes

From transgenic crops to lab-grown beef, technology plays a big part in the future of food. Read about the future of food in this blog post.

There's a Gene for That

What are gene therapy and gene doping? How do researchers reprogram viruses to carry human genes? Will messing with our genes make us less human?

Genes 101

What are genes? What roles do they play in making us who we are? How much do we know about the human genome?

Who Wants to Live Forever?

If we could achieve immortality, what would happen? How would societies change if people stopped aging? How might we achieve immortality?

Feeling Blue About Genes

The Supreme Court will hear arguments on whether you can patent genes. Read more about intellectual property and genetics in this blog post.