Spider Tech

Spiders are fascinating creatures. They play a crucial role in most of the world's ecosystems, and they could even teach us a lot about how to make new biomimetic technologies. Join the podcast team for a look at our creepy crawly future.


Humans can create some pretty astounding technologies, but it's hard to beat the R&D provided by 4 billion years of evolution. How do modern humans look to nature for inspiration in engineering and design?

Will future humans look different?

Science fiction takes us tens of thousands of years into the future but sometimes imagines the range of human physical appearance will be about the same. Will humans look different in the future? Will we be 15 feet tall, or have heads like the grey aliens?

Silent Crickets: What Does the Future Sound Like?

Is There Anybody Out There?

Is there intelligent life outside of our solar system? What is the Drake equation? What is Fermi's paradox?