Cyborg Slugs and Synthetic Stingrays

We explore the wonderful, terrifying world of combining technology and organic material. From robots with slug muscles to an artificial stingray, what's up with cyborgs?

Self-Reconfiguring Modular Robots GO!

What if you could own a big robot made up of thousands of smaller robots, and it was able to change its shape in order to complete various tasks?


Humans can create some pretty astounding technologies, but it's hard to beat the R&D provided by 4 billion years of evolution. How do modern humans look to nature for inspiration in engineering and design?

Rovers Get Around

What's the perfect way for rovers to get around? Why settle on the wheel? We look at the challenges of designing rover mobility systems.

Robotic Animals in Action

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Watch Our 9 Favorite Exoskeletons in Action

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A Pierced Tongue Drives a Wheelchair

Engineers have been working on a Tongue Drive System for wheelchairs. Learn about the Tongue Drive System in this Fw:Thinking blog post.

We Like Big Brains

The Big Brain Theory: Pure Genius showcases how engineers and innovators approach and solve problems. Learn more in this blog post.

The Nature of Engineering (And Vice Versa)

Cutting-edge technology owes much to the engineering feats of the natural world. Learn more about natural engineering in the blog post.