Biosimilar Drugs

Biosimilar drugs have the potential to change the medical landscape. We talk about what biosimilar drugs are and their pros and cons.

Edible Electronics

Making supercapacitors out of the same stuff you'd buy for a barbecue seems strange, but edible electronics could change the medical industry for the better. Tune in to learn how (and what they'll taste like).

3D Printing in Medicine

Lauren and Jonathan explore three ways 3D printers could change medicine. From printing drugs to regenerating nerves, we explore what happens when doctors work with additive manufacturing.

Space Travel and Synthetic Biology

We can't carry everything we need for long space missions. Could synthetic biology help us produce stuff like biopolymers, drugs or even food?

Augmenting the Brain, Part One: Chemicals

Are there safe, effective ways to boost brain power? Will the humans of the future be popping smart pills and leaving us all in the intellectual dust?

The Future of Clinical Trials

Could an emerging technology eliminate the need for animal testing in pre-clinical trials? We examine the potential of the organ-on-a-chip.

Better Living Through Fitness Science

Why are there so many theories about how to get fit? How can you separate fitness fact from fiction? What's the real deal with barefoot running, performance enhancers and other fads?