The Future of Weather Forecasts

Why does it take so much computing power to forecast the weather? And how could a weather study help one billion people?

The Future of Weather: Part Two

Let's get real: Are there any serious weather modification technologies on the horizon? Julie Douglas joins Lauren and Joe in the second part of this discussion about weather control.

The Future of Weather: Part One

What does the future have in store for the way we interact with and potentially even harness weather? Julie Douglas joins Lauren and Joe to discuss what the future of weather might look like.

The Hurricanes of the Future

How will climate change impact hurricane formation in the future? We explore the science behind some of the most powerful storms and how they may be getting worse in the future.

National Climate Assessment

El Nino Gets Busy

The El Nino effect has grown stronger over the last few decades. Learn about El Nino trends in this Fw:Thinking blog post.