Looking Back on the Future Part One

The podcast crew talks about some of their favorite predictions about the future, from evolving language to 20th century French postcards.

Cars with Hidden Agendas, Part 2: Digital Detours

In part two of this two-part episode about the computerization of cars, Scott and Ben return as guest co-hosts to help Lauren and Joe figure out how some computerized cars of the future could serve purposes their owners never intended.

Cars with Hidden Agendas, Part 1: The VW Scandal

In part one of this two-part episode about the computerization of cars, Lauren and Joe are joined by CarStuff hosts Scott Benjamin and Ben Bowlin to discuss the Volkswagen emissions "defeat device" scandal.

Hailing the Robo Cab

Uber's CEO plans to replace human drivers with robots. What would such a future look like, and what happens to all those drivers?

Where We're Going We Do Need Roads

Will roads ever change in the future? Learn about self-healing materials, smart highways and whether or not it makes sense to turn roads into a giant solar farm.


Nuclear power is used for giant vehicles like aircraft carriers or stealthy ones like submarines, but why isn't it everywhere? Could you have a nuclear-powered car?

Are Fuel Cells the Future?

Could fuel cells be the future of energy? We look at how fuel cells work, their benefits and the challenges we face to make them a bigger part of the energy picture.

Dude, Where's My Flying Car?

What's up with flying cars? It's time to talk about the challenges of bringing a real flying car to the consumer market. Will we ever see one?

Torque Me Out of It

What is torque? How do torque and speed relate to each other? Why is torque important?