The Science of Happiness

What does it mean to be happy? What's going on biologically, and how can we improve humanity's overall happiness in the future?

Augmenting the Brain, Part Two: Tech

When you put your thinking cap on in the future, will it be a literal hat that boosts your intelligence? We look at tech that promises to make you smarter.

Augmenting the Brain, Part One: Chemicals

Are there safe, effective ways to boost brain power? Will the humans of the future be popping smart pills and leaving us all in the intellectual dust?

The Consciousness Problem

What is consciousness and have researchers found the on/off switch? We look at what we know so far.

Mapping the Nervous System

What is a connectome? Why is a worm's neural system so important? How difficult is it to make a complete neural map?

Making Computers Think Like Brains

Computers and brains don't work the same way but that hasn't stopped us from trying to make computers that can "think."

Computers vs. Brains

Futurists often talk about computers and brains as if they were interchangeable. Your hosts explore the many ways that computers and brains are fundamentally different, as well as what each machine is best and worst at.

Making Senses

Scientists have created neural implants that expand what types of stimuli animals can sense. Learn about sensory implants in this blog post.

How Mozart Interactive Works

Mozart Interactive is an interactive music app for kids. Read more about Mozart Interactive in this blog post from Fw:Thinking.

How SPAUN Works

SPAUN is a computer model of a human brain. Learn how the SPAUN simulated brain works in this blog post from Fw:Thinking.