Silent Crickets: What Does the Future Sound Like?

Making 100 the New 60

A recently launched project called Human Longevity Inc. intends, as co-founder Peter Diamandis put it, to "make 100 years old the new 60." How do they plan to get us there? And will it work?

Fw:Thinking Catches Some Zs

What is the future of sleep? Sleep is an important biological function - but could we engineer a way to eliminate it?

Outsmarting Bacteria

A mechanism to sabotage bacterial communication could replace antibiotics. Learn about outsmarting bacteria in this Fw:Thinking blog post.

Science! A 2013 Year in Review

What were the big science stories of 2013? Join the podcast crew as they talk about their favorite science stories from the past year.

Under the Dome-like Thing

Can we make biospheres work? Colonizing the galaxy is going to require some tricky technology. Could we take our environment with us?

The Most Expensive Burger In The World

How expensive was the world's first lab-grown burger? What are the benefits to growing meat in the lab? What are other alternatives to beef?

What You Don't Know About Stress Could Kill You

What is stress's effect on the body? What are some long-term effects of stress? What are some ways to deal with stress?

Shades of de Grey

Who is Aubrey de Grey? What are de Grey's principles of aging? How realistic are his goals?