autonomous cars

Looking Back on the Future Part One

The podcast crew talks about some of their favorite predictions about the future, from evolving language to 20th century French postcards.

The SxSW Roundup Show

Jonathan and Lauren were in Austin for SxSW 2016. What were the big topics of discussion and will our future really be an intelligent one?

Hailing the Robo Cab

Uber's CEO plans to replace human drivers with robots. What would such a future look like, and what happens to all those drivers?

What happens when a robot breaks the law?

As machine intelligence becomes more complex, our machines will increasingly behave in ways that surprise us. What happens when one of them does something that we find socially, legally or even morally unacceptable?

Robot, You Can Drive My Car

What was the DARPA Grand Challenge? When did Google begin working on autonomous cars? Are robots better drivers than humans?

Look Ma, No Hands!

Do self-driving cars represent a threat to the automotive culture so many people enjoy? Will autonomous cars always have a manual override function? How will these vehicles change the way we think about transportation in general? Tune in to learn more.

Maximum Overclock

Could autonomous cars save lives? How will autonomous cars protect against malfunctions, viruses and cyber-attacks? Will we be able to retain autonomy and privacy in an age of computerized vehicles? Listen in to learn more.