augmented reality

Making Contact (Lenses) With the future

Could future contact lenses detect diseases, environmental hazards and give us augmented reality vision? We explore how companies are hoping to bring a new vision of the future to life.

The State of VR 2016

Major VR headsets are to debut in 2016. What's the state of VR and will it ever be more than just a gimmick?

The Future of Advertising

In the future, will advertising be everywhere? And will you mind? We look at how ads could evolve over the next few years.

Robot Avatars

Jonathan, Joe and Lauren answer a listener mail request. Could we use robots as avatars while we explore distant locations, even across the galaxy?

The HoloLens

Will Microsoft's new augmented reality goggles change computing forever? We look at the HoloLens and why people are so excited about it.

Heat Vision Contact Lenses?

High Tech Contact Lenses

Engineers have been developing really amazing high tech contact lenses. Learn about high tech contact lenses in this Fw:Thinking blog post.

More Real Than Real

How could augmented reality change our world? From video games to exploration, augmented reality has the potential to change the way we view our world.

You Wouldn't Hit a Guy with (Google) Glasses, Would You?

Google Glass is the next big step in augmented reality. Learn more about Google Glass in this Fw:Thinking blog post.