Shkadov Thrusters: Moving the Solar System

One day in the far future, we may have to abandon our home and set out to colonize a new part of the galaxy. But is it possible to take the entire solar system with us on the journey?

Listener Mail Roundup #1

How will we consume media in the future? Could we harness the Earth's core for energy? How do astronomers indicate celestial positions? The team answers some listener mail.

Gravitational Waves and Space Dust

A news story from March 2014 needs an update -- could space dust invalidate the discovery of gravitational waves?

Send a Message to an Asteroid ... and Back!

None More Black?

Newly Discovered Dwarf Planet

Planet, Schmanet, Janet. I'll Raise You 714.

Kepler has announced the discovery of 715 new exoplanets. Learn about Kepler and the search for exoplanets in this Fw:Thinking blog post.

Science! A 2013 Year in Review

What were the big science stories of 2013? Join the podcast crew as they talk about their favorite science stories from the past year.

Astronomy on Ice

There is a fascinating neutrino detector based in Antarctica called the "IceCube." Learn about the IceCube in this Fw:Thinking blog post.

Back to the Asteroid Mines: Further Reading

NASA actually maintains a list of potential future Earth impact events. Get more weird asteroid info in Lauren's Fw:Thinking blog post.