asteroid mining

Send a Message to an Asteroid ... and Back!

I Claim This Asteroid for Spain!

How will owning property in space work? What does the 1967 space treaty say? What are some proposed solutions to the problem?

Back to the Asteroid Mines: Further Reading

NASA actually maintains a list of potential future Earth impact events. Get more weird asteroid info in Lauren's Fw:Thinking blog post.

It's Coming Right For Us

What's our current plan should an asteroid come hurtling toward Earth? Is the Armageddon scenario feasible? What are alternatives?

How to Mine an Asteroid

How do companies like Planetary Resources plan to mine asteroids? What will happen with the mined material? What's the timeline like for asteroid mining?

There's Platinum in Them Thar Asteroids

Private companies have announced plans for asteroid mining. Read about the outlook for asteroid mining in this Fw:Thinking blog post.

Asteroid Mining and Refining

Companies are already investing in asteroid mining. Read about some of the challenges they'll face in this Fw:Thinking blog post.

Asteroid Mining Econ 101

Mining asteroids for water and metals could be very profitable. Learn about asteroid mining in this blog post from Fw:Thinking.