artificial intelligence

The Telemarketing Turing Test

A TIME report describes a robocaller that claims to be a real person. Read about a telemarketing-based Turing test in this blog post.

Further Reading: We've All Got Stories to Tell

Lauren follows up on our episodes about the future of storytelling. Learn about the future of storytelling in this Fw:Thinking blog post.

Will the Next Great Composer Be a PC?

How have we used computers to compose music? Will we ever have an AI that can write music the average person would enjoy? How can data turn into music?

Do Robots Write of Electric Sheep?

What is the Turing Test? Why is a computer-written novel a non-trivial problem? Will computers ever be able to copy the style of deceased authors?

Virtually Emotional

Zoe is a computer simulation that can simulate emotions. Read more about the simulation of emotional depth in this Fw:Thinking blog post.