artificial intelligence

Making Computers Think Like Brains

Computers and brains don't work the same way but that hasn't stopped us from trying to make computers that can "think."

Computers vs. Brains

Futurists often talk about computers and brains as if they were interchangeable. Your hosts explore the many ways that computers and brains are fundamentally different, as well as what each machine is best and worst at.

A Debating Computer?

AI: Friend or Foe

Can we create a friendly artificial intelligence? Is such a thing impossible? We look at the best and worst case scenarios.

Is the Singularity Coming?

What is the concept of the Singularity? What are the different pathways? Is it really only a couple of decades away?

Robots vs Humans - Orientation

Machines Hate Natural Language

Why do machines have so much trouble understanding natural language? We look at how machines process information and the challenges of making natural language processing a reality.

Robot Love

Will robots and humans ever marry each other? We examine human-robot relationships and the ethical problems associated with them.

Robo Sitters

Will robots one day look after our children? What's the future of robotic servants and will we trust them with the care of kids?

Does Your Computer Know Chinese?

Can a computer be aware of what it's doing? We look at the famous Chinese Room thought experiment and the possibility of smart AI.