artificial intelligence

Spot the Bot

The flip side of artificial intelligence is that it will be harder for us to be sure the person we're talking to is actually a person. Are there tricks to spotting a bot on the web?

Robot Avatars

Jonathan, Joe and Lauren answer a listener mail request. Could we use robots as avatars while we explore distant locations, even across the galaxy?

The Singularity Has Arrived

Last night, the Singularity arrived! Joe, Lauren and Jonathan talk about what we got right, what we got wrong and when to expect your next software patch.

What happens when a robot breaks the law?

As machine intelligence becomes more complex, our machines will increasingly behave in ways that surprise us. What happens when one of them does something that we find socially, legally or even morally unacceptable?

Will robots steal our jobs?

Are robots going to take our jobs? Will we just get new jobs? And will it be a smooth transition?


Building robots is hard. What if we just created an army of cyborg cockroaches? Guess what? We are!

Can computers describe what they see?

Why is it so hard to teach a computer to understand complex scenes in pictures? We look at the problem and how computer scientists are solving it.

How to Psychoanalyze a Robot

Testing With Turing

Should we come up with an alternative to the Turing Test for machine intelligence? We take a look at the test and what it means to AI.

Turing Tests and Smartypants Chatbots