How to Make It Last Forever, Part Two

In part two, we look at how keeping information accessible to future generations is a big challenge. From digital obsolescence to outdated hardware, how can we keep information alive?

How to Make It Last Forever, Part One

In the United States, we have a lifestyle that leans toward the disposable. How might we build and care for things so that future generations will be able to access, enjoy and learn from them?

Deep Dreaming with Google

What is Google's DeepDream project all about? And how are people using it to create surreal art?

The Future of Art

How have art and technology worked together in the past? Should art always be low tech?

The Art of 3D Printing

Do 3D printers have a place in art? We look at the process of creating a 3D printed object and whether artistry is involved.

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Technology, Art and Interaction

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The Madness of Maker Faire

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The Art of Prosthetics

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