Tentacle Technology

Animals like squid, octopuses and jellyfish use strange, fascinating limbs to interact with the world. How can we take inspiration from the natural designs of these arms and tentacles to create robots, synthetic materials and even medicine?

Spider Tech

Spiders are fascinating creatures. They play a crucial role in most of the world's ecosystems, and they could even teach us a lot about how to make new biomimetic technologies. Join the podcast team for a look at our creepy crawly future.


Humans can create some pretty astounding technologies, but it's hard to beat the R&D provided by 4 billion years of evolution. How do modern humans look to nature for inspiration in engineering and design?

Will Robots Replace Pets?

Convincing robot pets could be on the way. Read about whether robot pets could ever replace live animals in this Fw:Thinking blog post.

Robotic Animals in Action

We have come a long way toward creating convincing robotic animals. See some fascinating robotic animals in action in this video round-up.

Robo Pets

Will your next dog be a purebred puppy, a mutt or a robot? We take a look at the history and future of robotic pets.