additive manufacturing

Are 3D Printers The New VR?

Has the 3D printer craze fizzled out? What are the trends in consumer 3D printers? Is this technology doomed to obscolescence?

Print Your Dream Home

It's time to talk about 3D printing again. What are some of the advances we've seen over the last year? From houses to medical casts, we cover it all.

Metal Goes 3D (Printing)

The ESA is holding a conference today that concerns 3D printing in metal. Learn about 3d printing in metal in this Fw:Thinking blog post.

No More Waking Up in a Bathtub Full of Ice

How could 3D printers eliminate the need for organ donors? What are the benefits of printing human tissue? What progress has been made so far? Join Jonathan, Lauren and Joe as they explore the future of printed organs.