3D Printing

Are 3D Printers The New VR?

Has the 3D printer craze fizzled out? What are the trends in consumer 3D printers? Is this technology doomed to obscolescence?

3D Printing in Medicine

Lauren and Jonathan explore three ways 3D printers could change medicine. From printing drugs to regenerating nerves, we explore what happens when doctors work with additive manufacturing.

Lock and Key

Now that someone has created 3D models of TSA master keys, TSA luggage locks are no longer secure. What is the future of locks?

Transplants of the Future

A Russian man plans to be the world's first head transplant patient. Is such a thing possible? We look at the story and the future of transplants.

Vending Machines - Are They The Future?

Prompted by a listener message, the crew takes a look at vending machines. Could it be that vending machines will take the place of brick and mortar stores?

The Art of 3D Printing

Do 3D printers have a place in art? We look at the process of creating a 3D printed object and whether artistry is involved.

Print Your Dream Home

It's time to talk about 3D printing again. What are some of the advances we've seen over the last year? From houses to medical casts, we cover it all.

Food Replicators

You've seen replicators feed the crew of Star Trek, but will real humans ever be able to press a button and zap an entire meal into existence? If so, are we anywhere close to that today?

CES Day Two: The Future Is Closer than You Think

Jonathan explores CES, checking out fuel cell vehicles, embeddable sensors and 3D printers. Read about Jonathan at CES in this blog post.

Students Build a Hand for a Little Girl

This year, a group of high school students presented a young girl with an amazing gift -- a robotic hand. Read about the robotic hand.