The Circle of H2O

What is the water cycle? When we waste water are we really losing it? Why is conservation so important? Join Lauren, Joe and Jonathan for the second part of their series on water.

A Salty Podcast

What is desalination? What are the two main desalination techniques? Why is desalination not an idea solution for water shortages? Learn more about desalination with Jonathan, Joe and Lauren.

Time for a Definition

What exactly is time? Why is time difficult to define? How did Einstein define time? Learn more about time as Jonathan, Lauren and Joe nail down the interpretations, descriptions and definitions of this notoriously difficult-to-define concept.

A Relatively Timely Podcast

What does the theory of relativity have to do with time? Why would it be hard to synchronize time between Earth and space travelers? Is it even possible to have a standard time once you leave Earth? Learn more about time with Joe, Jonathan and Lauren.

Look Ma, No Hands!

Do self-driving cars represent a threat to the automotive culture so many people enjoy? Will autonomous cars always have a manual override function? How will these vehicles change the way we think about transportation in general? Tune in to learn more.

Maximum Overclock

Could autonomous cars save lives? How will autonomous cars protect against malfunctions, viruses and cyber-attacks? Will we be able to retain autonomy and privacy in an age of computerized vehicles? Listen in to learn more.

3D Printer Jam - When Tables Are Intellectual Property

How might we exchange 3D designs in the future? What happens when I try to copy a company's product using my 3D printer? Could we see some form of DRM attached to physical things? Join Joe, Jonathan and Lauren as they dive into the future of 3D printing.

No More Waking Up in a Bathtub Full of Ice

How could 3D printers eliminate the need for organ donors? What are the benefits of printing human tissue? What progress has been made so far? Join Jonathan, Lauren and Joe as they explore the future of printed organs.

The Internet of Things: More Efficient Than You

Is the Internet of Things more than just customizable environments? How will it impact the efficiency of civic and industrial systems? What will these changes mean for you and me? Listen in to learn more.

Forward Momentum: Welcome to Fw:Thinking

What is Fw:Thinking all about? What topics will the show cover? What future tech are you looking forward to? Join Lauren, Jonathan and Joe as they introduce the concept behind Fw:Thinking.