We Like Big Brains

Jonathan Strickland

Photographer Raquel Loaiza/©DCL
Photographer Raquel Loaiza/┬ęDCL

Our buddies over at Discovery have been busy. Their show The Big Brain Theory: Pure Genius showcases how engineers and innovators approach and solve problems. And now they're inviting you to play along for actual cash prizes.

The premise of the show is straightforward: Ten competitors are faced with creating a solution to solve a particular task. Judges decide which solution is the best and then select two team captains. The captains lead their teams to try and turn the idea into reality.

The judges decide which team did the best job at meeting the challenge. The losing team then faces the judges separately and someone gets sent home. The winner of the show will land a cash prize and a year-long contract working with WET Engineering.

So how can you get in on the action? Starting with the most recent episode, the show's producers are inviting viewers to submit their own ideas on how to meet each episode's challenge. Viewers can send in their own blueprint of how they'd engineer their way around, over, underneath or straight through a problem. Judges will pick a winning entry and that person will win $5,000.

There are five remaining episodes left in the show, meaning there's $25,000 up for grabs. Episodes air on Wednesdays (here's a link to the latest episode) and viewer submissions are due in by noon on Friday. You can submit your ideas here. Good luck, and good inventing!