Right Now in Fw:Thinking

The Future of Weather: Part One

What does the future have in store for the way we interact with and potentially even harness weather? Julie Douglas joins Lauren and Joe to discuss what the future of weather might look like.

FW: Thinking: The Future of Vaccines Part 1

When Edward Jenner first proposed using cowpox to immunize people against smallpox, it ushered in a brand new era of medicine. In this episode, we focus on vaccine delivery, from micro-needle patches to vaccines that are resistant to temperatures of 140°F increasing accessibility to people around the world.

The Future of Vaccines: Part Two

What vaccines are currently in development and what is the future of vaccines?

The Future of Vaccines: Part One

Where do vaccines come from and how do they work? In this episode, we explore the origin and mechanics of vaccination.

The State of VR 2016

Major VR headsets are to debut in 2016. What's the state of VR and will it ever be more than just a gimmick?

FW: Thinking: Quantum Computing

Google's AI lab recently announced that it had developed a quantum computer with 100 million times the processing speed of average computer chips. So what is a quantum computer? In this episode, Jonathan takes us on a journey inside quantum computing, where problems are solved in a massively parallel process rather than in sequence.

That's the Bomb

What was operation Plowshare? And are there peaceful applications for nuclear explosions?

FW: Thinking: Cyborg Brain

DARPA unveiled plans to invest $60 million over the next four years in a program to bridge the gap between the human brain and computers. The goal is to develop a biocompatible device capable of translating thought into computer code at rapid speed.

Reusable Rockets

From Blue Origin to SpaceX, the hottest topic in the private space industry is the reusable rocket. Why is it such a big deal and what does it mean for the future?

FW: Thinking: Convergence!

Convergence: When ideas cross to produce something greater than the sum of it’s parts. We’re seeing this with fitness, travel, entertainment and the list goes on. Different ideas, different paths of research and development and different products are converging all around us. And where better to witness convergence than at CES?

Forward Thinking Tech At CES 2016

Jonathan attended CES 2016 and talks about some of the technological trends that will shape the future, from connected cars to crazy exoskeletons.

FW: Thinking: Save The Bees!

Bees contribute to about a third of the food we eat. But bees have been disappearing. The phenomenon is called Colony Collapse Disorder. Science still isn’t sure what’s to blame.  In This episode of Fw:Thinking we look at current efforts to reduce honeybee losses as well as new efforts to support pollination... including life sized robbees.

Shedding Light on Li-Fi

Could we solve the radio frequency spectrum crunch by switching from radio to light? How does Li-Fi actually work and in which situations is it suitable?

Water on Mars

You may have heard that NASA discovered evidence of flowing water on Mars. We take a look at previous discoveries involving H2O and the Red Planet as well as ask what does this new discovery mean?

Fw:Thinking: Breaking Down the Tech from The Martian

In the novel-turned-movie The Martian, an astronaut is accidentally left for dead on Mars and employs different technologies and scientific principles in an effort to survive the barren planet. How much of the tech is science fiction?

Fw:Thinking: It’s All Fun and Games Until The Robot Wins

In 1997, Russian chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov faced off against IBM’s Deep Blue computer for a rematch and lost. Now, developers are changing the way computers play games – they’re not just computing, they’re actually learning!

Cars with Hidden Agendas, Part 2: Digital Detours

In part two of this two-part episode about the computerization of cars, Scott and Ben return as guest co-hosts to help Lauren and Joe figure out how some computerized cars of the future could serve purposes their owners never intended.

Cars with Hidden Agendas, Part 1: The VW Scandal

In part one of this two-part episode about the computerization of cars, Lauren and Joe are joined by CarStuff hosts Scott Benjamin and Ben Bowlin to discuss the Volkswagen emissions "defeat device" scandal.

Fw:Thinking: Super-thin Graphene Means Super Power

Graphene is a unique material, cheap to produce and many times stronger than steel by weight. But, we haven’t quite figured out how best to use it yet. Recently, scientists combined lithium ions to turn graphene into a superconductor.

3D Printing in Medicine

Lauren and Jonathan explore three ways 3D printers could change medicine. From printing drugs to regenerating nerves, we explore what happens when doctors work with additive manufacturing.