Right Now in Fw:Thinking

The Microsoft Tay Debacle

Recently Microsoft created a chatbot intended to develop an online personality through social media interactions. What could go wrong? Well, it turns out the internet can be a pretty sinister place and that Microsoft may have bitten off more than it could chew with the disastrous Tay project.

The Environmental Price of Rockets

Do rocket launches have a significant environmental impact? And if our future has a lot more space travel in store, what does that mean for us?

All Hands on Planetary Defense!

How did the novella The Little Prince inspire a planetary defense strategy? How does NASA plan to put an asteroid in lunar orbit? And can we stop a catastrophic event?

The SxSW Roundup Show

Jonathan and Lauren were in Austin for SxSW 2016. What were the big topics of discussion and will our future really be an intelligent one?

Will we have Basic Income in the future?

What is Universal Basic Income? Does it make financial sense? Will it become a necessity?

The NASA Twin Study

What is the Twin Study? What does NASA hope to learn from Mark and Scott Kelly? And how might it help us get to Mars?

FW: Thinking: Megatall Buildings

The number "megatall" buildings is expected more than double in the next few years, and if we want to live in a vertical civilization, innovation is crucial. In this episode, we look at "supertall" and "megatall" buildings where developers and architects are pushing the design envelope.

The Future of Burial

What will the cemeteries of the future be like? Will we bury our dead in skyscrapers? Or in forests?

The Solar Economy

Is solar power finally a reasonable option for the average person? And how do solar towers work?

Fw: Thinking: How To Detect Gravitational Waves

When Einstein published his theory of general relativity a century ago, he really made some waves. Or, at least, he predicted them. We're talking gravitational waves. Einstein was pretty sure it would be impossible to ever directly detect any gravitational wave. But in September 2015, the LIGO observatory did it!

Skyscrapers and Vertical Cities: Part Two

It's time to take a look at some of the most forward-thinking skyscraper designs. Would you visit a skyscraper that has multiple ecosystems inside it?

Skyscrapers and Vertical Cities: Part One

In the future, will our cities grow upward rather than outward? We look at skyscrapers and what it takes to build a vertical civilization.

FW: Thinking: Will Solar Power Be The Energy Miracle?

Our biggest sources of energy today are also big sources of carbon dioxide. Bill Gates, the Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist, said It will take an "energy miracle" to tackle climate change and meet our energy needs in the coming decades.

Making Waves with Gravitational Astronomy

Now that we've detected gravitational waves, what comes next? We look at the science and fiction of what gravitational waves mean for our future.

Detecting Gravitational Waves

What are gravitational waves and how did LIGO detect them? We take a close look at space-time to find out.

FW: Thinking: Editing Your DNA Has Never Been Easier

Genetic engineering is one of those topics that’s simultaneously exciting, confusing and potentially scary - but recently, a technique called CRISPR was shown to work as a genome engineering tool in human cells. That's right, with CRISPR, scientists have figured out how to make specific genetic edits in DNA more easily than ever before.

Marvin Minsky: Forward Thinker

Who was Marvin Minsky and what was his influence on the field of artificial intelligence research? We look back on the life and career of this forward thinker.

Making Contact (Lenses) With the future

Could future contact lenses detect diseases, environmental hazards and give us augmented reality vision? We explore how companies are hoping to bring a new vision of the future to life.

FW: Thinking: The Future of Vaccines Part 2

This week we take a look at some of the diseases researchers are targeting for the next generation of vaccines - from a few ebola vaccines in development right now to vaccines that target diseases linked cancer and vaccines to protect against Alzheimer’s.

The Future of Weather: Part Two

Let's get real: Are there any serious weather modification technologies on the horizon? Julie Douglas joins Lauren and Joe in the second part of this discussion about weather control.