Anti-Pathogen Architecture

We all know that an airplane is really just a flying germ machine, right? And our office buildings can often seem like little more than disease incubators. The podcast team investigates how we can redesign our physical environments to prevent illnesses from spreading.

There's a Gene for That

What are gene therapy and gene doping? How do researchers reprogram viruses to carry human genes? Will messing with our genes make us less human?

Getting Steamy with Solar Energy

Nanoparticles could help steam and sterilize without electricity. Learn more about nanoparticles and steam in this Fw:Thinking blog post.

Fuel for Thought, Part 3: The Weird Stuff

There are hundreds of weird alternative energy sources you've probably never even thought of. Learn more in this Fw:Thinking blog post.

Maximum Overclock

Could autonomous cars save lives? How will autonomous cars protect against malfunctions, viruses and cyber-attacks? Will we be able to retain autonomy and privacy in an age of computerized vehicles? Listen in to learn more.