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solar power

Solar Impulse Ends its Journey

In 2014, we talked about how the Solar Impulse aircraft would fly around the globe using solar energy to create electricity. Two years later, that journey is over. How did it do? See more »

The Solar Economy

Is solar power finally a reasonable option for the average person? And how do solar towers work? See more »

Where We're Going We Do Need Roads

Will roads ever change in the future? Learn about self-healing materials, smart highways and whether or not it makes sense to turn roads into a giant solar farm. See more »

Is the PowerWall a Wonder?

What is the Tesla Powerwall? Does it make sense for people to buy one? We take a look. See more »

Solar Cells, Quantum Dots and Energy Efficiency

See more »

The Future, Optimism and Solar Roadways

See more »

Flying Solar

Are solar vehicles practical? We look at how solar-powered vehicles are teaching us new lessons in engineering. See more »

Need Energy? Just Add Water

Water costs are also part of the big picture in energy production. Learn about water in energy production in this Fw:Thinking blog post. See more »

Your Hydrogen Appears a Bit Rusty

Rust might hold the key to a more efficient hydrogen fuel cell. Read about rust and the fuel cell economy in this Fw:Thinking blog post. See more »

Fuel for Thought, Part 1: Biofuels and Fuel Cells

Biofuels and fuel cells could help offset our fossil fuel consumption, but they have problems of their own. Learn more in this blog post. See more »