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Looking Back on the Future Part Two

Joe and Lauren share their favorite predictions about the future while Jonathan makes lots of jokes. What predictions rank among the team's favorites? See more »

The Future of Diabetes Part One

Will we ever find a cure for diabetes? Are there technologies that will help people manage diabetes more easily? See more »

Biosimilar Drugs

Biosimilar drugs have the potential to change the medical landscape. We talk about what biosimilar drugs are and their pros and cons. See more »

Edible Electronics

Making supercapacitors out of the same stuff you'd buy for a barbecue seems strange, but edible electronics could change the medical industry for the better. Tune in to learn how (and what they'll taste like). See more »

The Anti-Aging Debate

There's no scientific consensus on the causes of aging and that has led to some spirited debates. We explore the arguments and learn a little something about ourselves in the process. See more »

Never Grow Old

Why face the ravages of time if you can stave off the effects of aging? We look at ways to cheat the clock! See more »

Making Contact (Lenses) With the future

Could future contact lenses detect diseases, environmental hazards and give us augmented reality vision? We explore how companies are hoping to bring a new vision of the future to life. See more »

The Future of Vaccines: Part Two

What vaccines are currently in development and what is the future of vaccines? See more »

The Future of Vaccines: Part One

Where do vaccines come from and how do they work? In this episode, we explore the origin and mechanics of vaccination. See more »

3D Printing in Medicine

Lauren and Jonathan explore three ways 3D printers could change medicine. From printing drugs to regenerating nerves, we explore what happens when doctors work with additive manufacturing. See more »