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medical technology

The Future of Diabetes Part One

Will we ever find a cure for diabetes? Are there technologies that will help people manage diabetes more easily? See more »

Robotic Surgery for Astronauts

See more »

Watch Our 9 Favorite Exoskeletons in Action

Some amazing powered exoskeletons are already up and running. Watch videos of our favorite mechanical exoskeletons in this blog post. See more »

High Tech Contact Lenses

Engineers have been developing really amazing high tech contact lenses. Learn about high tech contact lenses in this Fw:Thinking blog post. See more »

Students Build a Hand for a Little Girl

This year, a group of high school students presented a young girl with an amazing gift -- a robotic hand. Read about the robotic hand. See more »

Robotics and Optimism

A company called Touch Bionics is offering free robotic hands to flesh-eating bacteria victim Aimee Copeland. Learn more in this blog post. See more »