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green technology

Solar Impulse Ends its Journey

In 2014, we talked about how the Solar Impulse aircraft would fly around the globe using solar energy to create electricity. Two years later, that journey is over. How did it do? See more »

Hailing the Robo Cab

Uber's CEO plans to replace human drivers with robots. What would such a future look like, and what happens to all those drivers? See more »

Solar Cells, Quantum Dots and Energy Efficiency

See more »

Flying Solar

Are solar vehicles practical? We look at how solar-powered vehicles are teaching us new lessons in engineering. See more »

Googling Green Energy

A recently revealed Google project hopes to redesign wind turbines. Read about Google and wind turbines in this blog post from Fw:Thinking. See more »

Fueling Debate: Will Fossil Fuel Ever Be the Alternative?

There are good reasons to seek alternative fuels. Read about the challenges presented by alternative fuels in this Fw:Thinking blog post. See more »