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Shkadov Thrusters: Moving the Solar System

One day in the far future, we may have to abandon our home and set out to colonize a new part of the galaxy. But is it possible to take the entire solar system with us on the journey? See more »

Listener Mail Roundup #1

How will we consume media in the future? Could we harness the Earth's core for energy? How do astronomers indicate celestial positions? The team answers some listener mail. See more »

Gravitational Waves and Space Dust

A news story from March 2014 needs an update -- could space dust invalidate the discovery of gravitational waves? See more »

None More Black?

See more »

Newly Discovered Dwarf Planet

See more »

Planet, Schmanet, Janet. I'll Raise You 714.

Kepler has announced the discovery of 715 new exoplanets. Learn about Kepler and the search for exoplanets in this Fw:Thinking blog post. See more »

Science! A 2013 Year in Review

What were the big science stories of 2013? Join the podcast crew as they talk about their favorite science stories from the past year. See more »

Astronomy on Ice

There is a fascinating neutrino detector based in Antarctica called the "IceCube." Learn about the IceCube in this Fw:Thinking blog post. See more »

Back to the Asteroid Mines: Further Reading

NASA actually maintains a list of potential future Earth impact events. Get more weird asteroid info in Lauren's Fw:Thinking blog post. See more »